Road Obstructions and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles operate much differently on the road than do cars or other vehicles, and so they often have to react to road hazards in different ways. Since automobiles have four contact points with the road, they are inherently much more stable than two wheeled vehicles like motorcycles. Often they can roll over potholes without causing much vehicle damage and can slightly maneuver the car to straddle small obstructions in the road. Motorcycles, on the other hand, can be significantly damaged by running over or into even small objects in the road. For this reason motorcyclists must often be much more vigilant about slight dips or bumps in the road and may have to swerve around hazards that seem harmless to other drivers.

Unaware Auto Drivers

Many automobile drivers have never ridden on a motorcycle and don’t understand how drastic the difference can be. Used to driving a four-wheeled vehicle weighing two tons or more, they may not realize how even a small change in road or weather conditions can affect a motorcyclist. For example, a vehicle may hit a pothole and only suffer an uncomfortable bump, while a motorcycle hitting the same pothole could experience wheel damage and even loss of control. Because drivers can be oblivious to a motorcyclist’s concerns, they may make the mistake of not giving a motorcyclist enough room to maneuver, possibly resulting in a collision.

Driving and Riding Safely

Motorcycles are considered vehicles under the law and deserve the same treatment as any automobile on the road. Car drivers are not allowed to share a lane with a motorcycle and must change lanes completely if they wish to pass a bike. Likewise, drivers should follow motorcyclists at an appropriate distance and should not tailgate since motorcycles sometimes have to make sudden evasive maneuvers. A motorcyclist who swerves to avoid a hole, groove, railroad track gap, or object in the road may need the entire lane to safely negotiate the road. He or she may brake suddenly to avoid an obstruction that car drivers wouldn’t even consider a threat. When another driver doesn’t give a motorcyclist ample space, he puts both the motorcyclist and himself at risk of a serious accident.

If you have been in an accident with a driver who did not give you proper lane space or following distance to safely avoid a road obstruction, the other driver may be liable for the accident. A careless driver who inflicts injury and damage upon you and your bike may be held accountable and you may be entitled to compensation for your accident related costs.

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